Naval Intelligence

Straight From The Pages of A Tom Clancy Thriller

Documented by The Sandman on June 16th, 2016

Several hours under the influence, Lunesta Darling calls The Sandman to the room…

Lunesta Darling: Could you get the charger cord for my phone from my office? My phone is dead and it’s my alarm.
The Sandman: (retrieves and plugs phone in to said charger) Okay, the phone is plugged in to the charger. Now, go back to sleep…
Lunesta Darling: You should go get the other cord, too.
The Sandman: The other cord? What other cord? For what?
Lunesta Darling: The other cord. It’s in the wall. It’s very important. Naval Intelligence. National Security…
The Sandman: Naval Intelligence?
Lunesta Darling: Uh huh. It’s vital. Will you get it?
The Sandman: Yes, of course I will get it.
Lunesta Darling: Promisssse?
The Sandman: I promise. Good night.
Lunesta Darling: Good nigh…