Here Be Dragons

It's getting hot in here

Documented by The Sandman on March 2nd, 2017
Lunesta Darling: I don’t know if it’s going to work on the wall.
The Sandman: What won’t work on the wall?
Lunesta Darling: The thermostat.
The Sandman: Why won’t the thermostat work?
Lunesta Darling: Because the dragon is in the same room.
The Sandman: Well, we can always move the dragon.
Lunesta Darling: (frustrated) No, I’m not explaining myself very well…
The Sandman: Take your time. What do you mean?
Lunesta Darling: The dragon on you. I don’t think the thermostat will work because it’s in the room.
The Sandman: (realizing she is talking about his dragon tattoo) It will work fine. If it doesn’t work tonight, we’ll move the dragon.
Lunesta Darling: Yeah?
The Sandman: Yeah.
Lunesta Darling: Okay, good.