Chicken McWizards

A tale of poultry, smoke and mirrors

Documented by The Sandman on October 25th, 2016
Lunesta Darling: Did she get the chickens to the police station?
The Sandman: Yes. All of them.
Lunesta Darling: She found them all?
The Sandman: Yep. Every last one of them.
Lunesta Darling: Oh, good…I figured out the cigarette smoke.
The Sandman: You did? What did you figure out?
Lunesta Darling: My coworkers are using magic. They’re putting something in my garbage can and lighting it. Did you burn your popcorn?
The Sandman: Nope, it was someone else in the neighborhood.
Lunesta Darling: That’s an “office dick move”. Everybody in the building has to smell that jerk’s burnt popcorn all day long.