A Hare Raising Tale

Is there anybunny out there?

Documented by The Sandman on September 26th, 2017
Lunesta Darling: Somebody’s outside.
The Sandman: (alarmed) Who? Where outside?
Lunesta Darling: They’re wearing camo. They’re hiding in plain sight.
The Sandman: What are they doing?
Lunesta Darling: They’re looking for the bunnies.
The Sandman: Bunnies? What do they want the bunnies for?
Lunesta Darling: I don’t know, but you should warn our friends, so they can protect their bunny.
The Sandman: Okay, I’ll warn them.

Five minutes pass, quite rabbitly

Lunesta Darling: My feet are cooold. Cover them with one of the rabbit pelts.

After recovering from the sudden dark turn of the conversation, The Sandman covers Lunesta Darling’s feet with the blanket sitting at the foot of the bed

The Sandman: There you go. I wrapped your feet in one of the pelts.
Lunesta Darling: You did?? Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet. Thank you so much. zzzzZZZZzz