Pillow Talk

My partner ("Lunesta Darling") suffers from severe insomnia -- not a fun malady to have to live with almost every night. With Lunesta, she is able to get some semblance of sleep.

While she is fortunate not to suffer from some of the more extreme side-effects of Lunesta, one very amusing (for me, anyway) side-effect she experiences is a sort of 'sleep talking'.

If I ("The Sandman") go to bed late enough after she has taken her dose and gone to bed, 90% of the time she will sleep soundly and take no notice of me at all.

Those times she does take notice? She will make some of the most unusual statements, or reveal her innermost, strangest thoughts and ideas -- with little to no context for me to understand what she's talking about.

Every now and again, Lunesta Darling and I will carry on a full conversation for several minutes or more. Come morning, she either has no recollection of, or a vague memory of, her late night Lunesta Confession.

We've shared the stories with friends and family & they've said I need to write these sleep talks down for a book. Well, this being the digital age and all, I felt a website was more accessible and easier to share with the world.